Smart mobility @ Supernova & I3P

Last week we were invited to attend two important events about smart mobility in Turin, presenting Sherlock to the public.


Largo agli Smart Cyclist @ Supernova Festival, 27 september 2015

Supernova defines itself as a creative innovation festival, aiming at spreading the knowledge about innovative processes and companies. Supernova is an itinerant festival stopping in Turin, Brescia and Kaunas (Lithuania). It gathers citizens, students, startuppers, companies and organizations to open the debate about the future and how it could be innovated to suit the needs of the growing smart cities.

Sherlock hold a meeting in the Stories conference hall together with Sportorino, to introduce the concept of smart mobility to the public, discuss the problems related to traffic in the city and present some solutions. Marzia described what smart cities are and the agenda for the introduction of smart mobility.

Bicycles play a big role in it, since in 2014 the 8% of European citizens chose the bike as their main mean of transport, and the percentage is getting higher every year. There are still some barriers to a spread-out bicycle use: traffic, road maintenance, security and theft risk. Sherlock is one solution to the latter, helping cyclists to control their bicycle from a distance and keep it safe.

Sportorino described the Adotta una pista project, created with the Bike Pride association, that involves citizens in the monitoring of public cycling lanes in Turin. The project is launching now and is still open to new adopters.


Smart Mobility, mobilità sostenibile per vivere meglio @ I3P, 30 september 2015

I3P, the Innovative Enterprise Incubator of the Politecnico of Torino, is the main university based incubator and one of the best at European level. As members of the incubator, we were invited to the latest startup showcase about smart mobility.

The solutions presented included new electic vehicles, carpooling systems, road security, car maintenance, delivery services on bicycles, and our antitheft device.

Nathalie presented Sherlock in front of the audience and got important feedback and response from the crowd.


We have other important events coming up, so be sure to follow the updates on the blog or on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. Also, prototypes will be ready for testing in October!

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