When mobility meets technology

What is happening to mobility, what kind of transformation shall be expected and how much will technology affect city life? New technologies will certainly guide our future steps and all business operators should know how to exploit its potential at its best.

Today’s mobility is no longer a matter of making a simple movement from one point to another, but of guaranteeing interconnected, integrated, easy and fast services. In recent years, passengers’ needs have changed and a significant implementation in the offer has been made necessary: today’s challenge is to respond to new demands.

With this goal in mind, ATM (Milan public transport network) has invested in digital systems in order to improve its service. Tickets purchase, digital parking lots, public and private transport integration solutions to meet the needs of ‘flexible’ users. Thanks to such innovative solutions, the customer is no longer identified by a parking ticket, but from their travel habits. In fact, technology provides tools to make mobility smarter. Another excellent solution is represented by tools to verify access requirements to Milan’s limited traffic areas such as ‘Area B and C’.

Eagle Eye – a brand new tool used by Milan’s Local Police to connected to civil motorization database, tracks all vehicles access requirements. Viasat – which has already provided successful ‘Street Control’ services to Milan’s local police and other municipalities, has become the technological partner of the initiative.

By Roberto Carreri, Director of Research & Development and Digital Innovation ATM MILANO

From Guida alla Sicurezza by Viasat Group 2022 >