Managing your fleet, made simple

Digitization, in this historical phase, is proving its adaptability and the importance of fitting every area. It is a challenge to be taken not only to increase market competitiveness, but also to ensure smarter operations and environmental sustainability. All this also – and especially – applies to logistics and road transport. Choosing a good Fleet Management solution, therefore, provides important advantages both at organizational and management level, optimizing operation and costs. Having access to a multitude of data, such as driving style, timing, routes, as well as any technical anomalies or infringements facilitates journey planning activities and making them safer and smarter.

In addition, proper planning ensures emissions reduction, contributing to the preservation of the ecosystem. Viasat Fleet combines all of these components into our Transport Management Solutions suite. Information is collected from a device installed on board to be transferred to the Operations Center and interconnect to the company’s management system. A flow of knowledge which ensures easier business management with a view to efficiency and effectiveness. Solutions that are also essential to protect our business, given the growth of criminal events against companies. Thefts and robberies, in fact, represent thorns in the flesh of EU road haulage. Furthermore, while driving a vehicle, it is important to strictly comply with the rules of the Highway Code and the legislation on the use of the tachograph and respect for driving and resting hours (REG CE 561/2014 and EU 165/2006) to guarantee all drivers safety.

Viasat Chronotachograph service ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and simplifies data and Driver Card downloading operations and planning. Data download works remotely and automatically; analysis is entrusted to ‘Tachigrafosemplice’ platform ( Any infringement may result in severe penalties for the company. One more reason to count on TachoLex and Tachocheck legal assistance and protection services from Viasat.

By Gianni Barzaghi, BU Fleet Manager Viasat

From Guida alla Sicurezza by Viasat Group 2022 >