Digital management solution or how to “connect” your office and field teams!

Do some of your teams stay in the office while others are out in the field? Your daily management is a headache. How can you revolutionise your organisation?

Do you run a family business or an SME in the cleaning, construction, transport, logistics or personal assistance sectors? Whatever your field… you have one thing in common: your teams are divided between the office and the field. Drivers, technicians, home delivery staff, household help, chauffeurs and construction workers are all professionals who work away from the office. A specificity synonymous with more complex management!

The death of “paper” management

You need to be able to manage and coordinate your administrative tasks and field work perfectly. Of course, the paper schedules on the wall and the organisation of interventions “by hand” may have had a certain charm… But, in an era where digital technology is omnipresent, it is the future of your SME that is at stake. Old-fashioned methods promote mistakes, time wasting and inefficiency. This ultimately puts a strain on your operational costs and productivity. Worse, in an increasingly competitive world, your customers may look elsewhere for better service and support.

The good (and bad) news

Fortunately, as needs have evolved, so have technological solutions. Digital tools have emerged to help you – in the office and in the field – to organise your interventions and schedules efficiently, optimise the allocation of human and material resources, facilitate the execution of interventions and meet HR requirements. All this in real time and without paper! Ultimately, this software is an asset for reducing your operational and administrative costs, while respecting your commitments to your customers. But why talk about “bad” news? It’s because digital solutions are sometimes too complex and “complete”. Designed to meet the needs of large companies, they are often poorly adapted to your SME reality.

The solution that really meets your needs

This is the key! To be useful, your digital management tool must be a real companion – accessible, flexible, efficient and easy to integrate – not an additional IT hassle. Your field workers must be able to adopt it quickly so that it becomes a real work tool (coding, clocking in and out, customer reporting, etc.). In the office? Your teams need to be able to have all the information (schedules, positions, status of interventions) in real time to ensure more efficient follow-up and management than ever before. Good news: these kinds of “SME” solutions also exist!