70 years of road haulage solutions

By Massimo Bagnoli, President of FIAP – Italian Federation of Professional Truckers

Founded almost 70 years ago, FIAP has never changed its direction, targeted at the constant search for solutions aimed at improving companies’ and employees’ activities, claiming their needs and rights in full compliance with laws and regulations. Technology represents the instrument to respond to different, increasing needs and demands of people and companies. It is a precious and reliable partner in the constant search of performance improvement in terms of time/speed/energy use, quality and all levels collective satisfaction. Increasing concern about security standards is another key factor for the partnership between Viasat and FIAP: to evaluate, promote and spread innovative solutions in support of driving and transport activities and to maximise road hauliers and road users safety standards. Efficiency and telematics, together with connectivity and complex data acquisition are an absolute must. The transportation industry is facing a significant change and it is therefore encouraging to see that, according to IRU research, -International Road Transport Union of Geneva, a world-wide historical association of which FIAP is part of- the majority of Operators looks at technology with increasing interest and invests in digital solutions, useful instruments to face operational challenges such as the transition to digital documents, traceability, safety and efficiency. In this unstoppable process, companies must invest in innovation and growth – in compliance with regulations and focusing on good practice- to survive in such a competitive market. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is under way and it is characterized by an increasing use of information technology (Internet), speed of data transmission and a fusion between real and virtual world. This is a unique opportunity that we must take, capitalise and encourage. However, it is necessary to assure consistency and continuity of current instruments. On this subject, FIAP awaits news from the Government.