5 simple rules to better manage your fleet

Efficient management of your fleet? A key issue to maximize the use of means to increase efficiency and reduce expenses. And if technology allowed you to be “everywhere”…

Breakdowns, delays, theft or over-consumption of fuel are all “grains of sand” that can be very costly. But even when everything goes smoothly… there is still room for improvement. With digital solutions, you can optimize the use of your vehicles and contribute to the growth of your business. 

1. Detect problems in real time

Overheating of the engine? That’s a likely sign of an impending breakdown, which could mean hours or days of downtime. Time and money down the drain. Did you know that under-inflated tires can add a lot to your fuel bill? Especially if the problem persists. It is therefore better to detect problems as soon as possible. This is what digital tools now allow.

At the slightest anomaly, you are automatically alerted and can react immediately. Result, you avoid the most serious breakdowns and limit additional costs.

2. Automate the maintenance of your vehicles

The best solution to avoid breakdowns is still prevention. Regular maintenance of your vehicles is an essential factor in improving the performance of your fleet.

But this is not an easy task when you manage a large fleet. Why not exploit the potential of technology? You enter the data once and for all in a maintenance software and it reminds you of each due date. Automated alerts to take care of your work tools on time. The key?

  • You increase the availability of your fleet;
  • You reduce repair time;
  • You extend the life of your vehicles;
  • You lower your operational costs.

3. Geolocate your vehicles in real time

Where are your transport vans right now? Which machines are on this job site? If you can’t answer these questions, you don’t have the means to efficiently allocate your work resources. Why not opt for a Fleet Management solution? You will then have eyes “everywhere” and at all times…

A geolocation and tracking device placed on each vehicle allows you to improve the productivity of your fleet. Everything is secured and the data is available in real time on your tablet or computer. For each vehicle, you have access to its exact location, activity reports, etc. You can then identify those that are underutilized and redirect them for greater efficiency.

4. Take anti-theft measures

It goes without saying how expensive business vehicle theft is! That’s why it’s imperative that you consider security measures. How can you do this? With hardware and software devices for real time monitoring. These tools are simple to implement and give you the peace of mind, as you keep a constant eye on your fleet. You can even remotely prevent a vehicle from starting or receive SMS if someone tries to sabotage the system or move the car.

5. Monitor your fuel consumption

Fuel? It’s one of the biggest items on your expense sheet. That’s why it’s in your best interest to keep an eye on your fleet’s fuel consumption. Plan your refueling, monitor theft by siphoning or overfilling, anticipate anomalies, etc.