3 excellent reasons to digitalize your interventions

Managing your mobile teams requires the best tools. What if you had an application that allowed you to digitize your interventions and centralize all data?

Lost performance reports, unproven working hours, out-of-control travel times, incomplete invoices or lost assignments due to careless planning? Unfortunately, that’s what hangs over the heads of companies still operating (totally or partially) with paper documents and it’s an incredible source of commercial and financial inefficiencies. The solution is to digitalize your interventions.

1. Optimal planning

Digital tools offer you a way to perfectly plan all the assignments of your field teams. Recurring or urgent interventions? At any time, you have a complete view of your resources (expertise, position, availability) and the services in progress or to be carried out. Based on a series of parameters you can reorganize the schedule in real-time and your teams are notified immediately.

How can you do without it? It’s your assurance of allocating the right resource to the right assignment at the right time. You will quickly reap the benefits: an increase in productivity and turnover. Your customers’ satisfaction will be enhanced: you will be able to systematically meet their most demanding expectations. Your company becomes more agile and resilient than ever.

2. Accurate monitoring of work time

On site or in the vehicle? Or at the customer’s site? Your mobile employee can document the start and end of his working day on his smartphone or tablet at any time. And for each assignment, its start and end time as well as time traveled are accurately logged.

Everything is recorded with few clicks and the information is immediately available to your back-office team. Whether it is to calculate salaries and travel expenses or to meet certain regulatory requirements. You save time and make important cost savings.

3. Proper execution of assignments

How do you know if your workers have executed their missions correctly if your company is still operating on paper? It’s impossible! Your employee can now perform countless operations via his or her smartphone or tablet: accurately fill out the intervention report with the customer’s digital signature and send it to relevant parties.  They can encode the material used, add photos and comments, specify the tasks still to be performed, etc. All this with just few clicks.

Real-time recording offers incredible asset to avoid disputes with customers and speed up your billing process. Even better, you have the digital data you need to improve your parts and consumables inventory management. Not to mention the ability to generate extremely comprehensive consolidated reports by job site, worker or customer.